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Help for new computer users

This page has been created to provide help for those that are new to computers or could do with some pointers to computer basics that are available on the internet.

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Free software - on the internet

Free email

Free email accounts are often provided by the company that supplies you broadband service. If this isn't the case, or if you want to consider a different account, have a look at the popular products listed below.

Some suppliers (e.g. Google and Microsoft also provide additional services with your email account such as file storage, word processing, spreadsheets, photo albums etc.

Free software - on your computer

Free anti-virus software

It is extremely important that you have anti-virus software running on your computer and that it is up to date.

New computer packages sometime come with anti-virus software installed which is either a time-limited free version of a chargeable product or a full product that will typically include updates for 1 year. At the end of the initial period the updates will stop and as time passes the software will become more out of date and less effective.

Windows 10 will usually have Microsoft Security Essentials installed which is free, including updates.

The products listed below are free to download and updates are also free. You may also find your bank or broadband supplier offer a free anti-virus product.

Free word processing, spreadsheet etc

Microsoft Office has for many years been the standard software suite used by businesses, students and home computer users around the world.

The products below provide a free alternative which will cover the needs of most computer users. Office suites sometimes come in different versions which include different combinations of software. Those below will cover most of your needs, such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations etc.

Free image editing software

Want a way to resize, crop or edit your photographs or create new images?

Free web browsers

Your web browser is the software you use to view web pages on the internet, including this one. A lot of people use Microsoft's browser (Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 or Internet Explorer in older Windows versions) which comes pre-installed with the Windows operating system. Other free browsers are available and may be preferable. You can have multiple browsers installed on your PC so why not try another?